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Previously Owned Equipment :: UV Coating Equipment

Previously Owned Equipment :: UV Coating Equipment
1989 Steinemann Uvimat 102
Reference ID: 100596
Mirus Feeder; Heated Calendar; Corona Treater; Roller Coater; UV Dryer; Mirus Stacker; Separate Electric Cabinet; (2) Spare Applicator Rollers
1989 Svecia Screen Coater
Reference ID: 120935
30" x 40" with Crusher Roller; Screen Exposure Unit w/Sink; (10) Screens; (2) Squeegees
*NEW* ATOM TC-105 UV Coater
Reference ID: TC-105
Two Forwarding Sucker Offset Feeder System, Opened Loading Board, German Becker Pump, Vacuum Conveying System, Outside Adjustable Pull & Push Side-...
1999 Steinemann Topspot 102
Reference ID: 181063
1999 Steinemann Topspot 102
Jinbao 800ZB IR and Hot-Air Oven
Reference ID: 181001
**NEW** JB Series Medium wave dryer can integrate with a fully automatic screen press to create a complete production line. Quick drying of various i...
1991 Sakurai SC-102UV Coater
Reference ID: 181021
Dorn UV Dryers, Squeegee Sharpener, Screen Burning Camera/Equipment, Washout Booth, Dismantled, Not Under Power
1988 Sakurai SC 72A
Reference ID: 161027
with Crusher Roller, Auto Feed, Stacker, (8-10) Screen Frames, Dorn SPE UV Curing Reactor

2005 SBL TS-1000W SVN
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Completely Refurbished December 2019, Straight-line, Auto-bottom, 4 & 6 Corner Back Fold System, Manuals Included, Nordson Logicom Glue System w/ 8 Channel Controller (must confirm number of guns)