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Previously Owned Equipment :: Film Laminating Equipment

Previously Owned Equipment :: Film Laminating Equipment
2004 AquaSeal SW 3000 Laminator
Reference ID: 130948
Max. Coating Width: 8' 6"; Includes Additional Tank
2000 Genesis Film Laminator
Reference ID: 141248
30" x 40" Sheet Size, Model 8332
1995 Billhofer 102 Film Laminator
Reference ID: 171033
40" X 56" One Sided Sheet Laminator, Mabeg M3/1400 Automatic Sheet Feeder, TS Laminator Unit, TM-102 Sheet Separator, BSM 102 Automatic Stacker/Deliv...
GBC Film Laminators
Reference ID: 131091
40" Wide; Double-Sided; Cold or Heated Lamination; (2) Identical Units Available
Billhofer KM 1200 Laminator
Reference ID: 190021
Billhofer KM 1200 Laminator Mabeg Feeder

2011 Bobst Masterfold 110 A3
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4 Corner Device with Lid, Device for 6-Corner Boxes, CUBE System, HHS 8 Channel 6 Gun System, Main Gauge for Longitudinal and Lateral Setting, Electric Pile Vibrator, Blank Suction Device, Lower Central Conveyor, Upper Central Conveyor Outlet, Tool Stand Frame, Suction Guides, Central Conveyors...