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Previously Owned Equipment :: Bindery Equipment

Previously Owned Equipment :: Bindery Equipment
1999 Wohlenberg 185 Paper Cutting System
Reference ID: 171066
72" Programmable System, Air Tables with Formica Tops, Rear Locking, (2) Spare Knives, Automatic Loader and Unloader, Automatic Lift, Tilt/Jogger...
Harris-Seybold 90" Paper Cutter
Reference ID: 131084
MicroCut System, Spare Blades
American Binding Wire Machine
Reference ID: 120771
Model No. SWC-1
1998 Muller Martini Amigo Model 1580
Reference ID: 190016
4 Clamps Pre-Melter, Mechanical Speed: 1,500 Cycles Per Hour
Heidelberg Stahl Folder
Reference ID: 181043
Heidelberg Stahl Folder
*NEW* Datien CT-155E 61 High Speed Cutting Machine
Reference ID: CT-155
Double Knife Drive Arms, Clamp Pressure Adjustment Wheel, Knife Drive Arms Overload Device, Infra-red Light Barrier, Mechanical Knife Lifting Devic...
1998 Polar Paper Lift
Reference ID: 151082
Model LW1000-6
Polar Paper Cutter 107 ST
Reference ID: 161124
42" Cutter

2011 Bobst Masterfold 110 A3
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4 Corner Device with Lid, Device for 6-Corner Boxes, CUBE System, HHS 8 Channel 6 Gun System, Main Gauge for Longitudinal and Lateral Setting, Electric Pile Vibrator, Blank Suction Device, Lower Central Conveyor, Upper Central Conveyor Outlet, Tool Stand Frame, Suction Guides, Central Conveyors...