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Previously Owned Equipment :: Folder Gluer Equipment

Previously Owned Equipment :: Folder Gluer Equipment
Fidia Combination Folder Gluer
Reference ID: 110670
Combi+Unica or Combi+Estro; Dokky Tape Applicator Station; 32" Wide w/Pile Feeder; Right Angle; (5) Buckle Plates; Plow Folds; Tipper Plate, with Cap...
1994 Sugano GM-850
Reference ID: 190045
Straight Line, Auto Bottom, Upper and Lower Glue Pot, Vibrator in the Feeder
International Speed King
Reference ID: 120885
Straight Line; Auto Bottom; Split Carriers
2005 SBL TS-1000W SVN
Reference ID: 190052
Straight-line, Auto-bottom, 4 & 6 Corner Back Fold System, Manuals Included, Nordson Logicom Glue System w/ 8 Channel Controller (must confirm nu...
Moll Sprint Capacity
Reference ID: 181040
With Dial-a Feed and Dial-a-Stack
International 6FX
Reference ID: 131074
Straight Line Only; Lower Left Hand Glue Pot
Vega Pack
Reference ID: 161043
Vega Pack
2016 Moll Marathon with Sprint Capacity
Reference ID: 190007
Final Fold, Sprint Capacity, Dial-A-Stack, New Dynamini 2 Line Hot Melt, Model U16-6424-NM
2000 Inramik Vesta 110
Reference ID: 190008
Automatic Feed, Crash Lock Bottom, 4 & 6 Corner, Straight Line, Aligning Unit, Brand New Ero Cold Glue System; 4 channels with 3 Guns, Delivery Uni...
Haskins Hyperfold II
Reference ID: 161121
Mobile Pre-Loader, Final Fold, Trans-table I, Valco Glue System
2001 Vega Sirio 82
Reference ID: 190018
Automatic Bottom, Four Corner Servo Driven Motor, Vacuum assisted Feed, Vibrator in the Feed, Independent Delivery Drive, HHS Glue System
Kluge Unifold
Reference ID: 171013
Final Fold Section, Segmented Rollers, Valco Glue System
1998 Kluge Unifold Folder Gluer
Reference ID: 190001
Final Fold Section, Tipper Plate Generally Used for Pocket Folders and CDs
1986 Escomat Folder Gluer
Reference ID: 190041
Straight Line, Some Auto-bottom Tooling Included, Glue Pot, Used Primarily for Straight-line Boxes, CD Sleeves, CD Wallets, Pocket Folders, New Be...
2005 Vega Orion 62
Reference ID: 151093
Straight Line, Lower Left Glue Pot, NO Auto Bottom
1981 International Royal 33
Reference ID: 151067
Auto-Bottom Attachment, HHS Glue System w/ (3) Guns, Register Unit at In-Feed, Double Trombone
1983 Bobst Media Matic 68
Reference ID: 171060
In Line Folder Gluer, Auto Lock Bottom, Straight Line, All New Belts
Moll Pile Feeder
Reference ID: 161021
All Steel Feed Table with Electronic Pile Height Adjustment, Full Width Adjustable Blow Bar for Consistent Sheet Separation, Microprocessor Controlle...
International Speed King
Reference ID: 161025
50", Straight Line, Auto Bottom, Glue Pot - Complete - No Glue Guns
2013 Heidelberg-Jagenberg Diana X 115 D
Reference ID: 181075
2013 Heidelberg-Jagenberg Diana X 115 D Straight-line, Auto-bottom, 4/6 Corner, Friction Feeder with Blank Aligning Module, Blank Turning Module, ...

*NEW* Platinum PB-102 Off-Line Blanking System
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*NEW* Platinum PB-102 Off-Line Blanking System Fully-Automatic Dual-head blanking system for running sheets with nested blanks, Heavy-Duty, quality-built gantry structure main frame, Frame style supporting base for precision blanking action ensuring damage free loads, Equipped with high-precisi...